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We provide complete in-office evaluation and treatment of nasal allergies, sinusitis, hearing, vertigo, voice, and cough disorders.  Our staff has been with the office for many years.  You will see that they are very kind and courteous to all of our patients.  Dr. Kupferman is skilled and knowledgeable in the fields of ENT, Allergy, and Facial Rejuvenation Surgery. Our aesthetics team provides non-invasive skin treatments and cosmetic injections.



Dr. Kupferman received a well rounded experience in the field of ENT and Head and Neck Surgery from his residency training. He became proficient in the full spectrum of the medical and surgical treatment of the disorders affecting the ears, nose, sinuses, throat, vocal cords, scalp, face, and neck. He has been practicing here in Broward County for over 10 years.

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Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA
Average rating:  
 7 reviews
by John Ella Parker on Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA
The care given

I thank God for Dr. Kupferman . He has listen to me and understand what I am going through, and to his staff Leeann and Bunny, to everyone I love you All, J.E. Parker

by Anonymous on Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA
Thrilled with the results

When I first went to see Dr. Kupferman I was in rough shape! I had a very advanced case of Allergic Fungal Sinusitis that came on suddenly after being exposed to extremely high levels of mold. After evaluating my symptoms and ordering a CT scan, Dr. Kupferman performed my surgery and I am thrilled with the results. I was very nervous about the entire process but Dr. Kupferman was always very calm and factual. Every decision he made with my diagnosis, surgery and post-op proved to be correct and very beneficial. I still visit his office weekly for allergy shots and his staff is a pleasure to work with.

by Paul B Phair on Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA
Worth it!

Balloon Angiosplasy - With my sinus anatomy (such as a deviated septum and inflammation) - both the getting the instrument into the various necessary locations, and the partial manual moving of the bones, was painful. I had not anticipated that. However the actual inflation of the balloon itself was only a minor discomfort. Also for two days after, I was miserable with temporary nasal swelling. HOWEVER - When asked if I would do it again if I knew of the pain I would experience, my answer is a definite YES! The benefits are dramatic! My allergies aren't gone, and I still benefit from various allergy medications, but my openness is exceptional nearly 24/7/365! I've never had this before. I wish I could have done this many years ago! For those who suffer with chronic issues like mine, I highly encourage people to do this.

by Melony Dunn on Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA

I was referred by a Urgent Care center to numerous ENT specialists on Monday 2/20/17 which was Presidents Day. I had woken up in the middle of the night with my left ear bleeding. Urgent care said they believed that I had punctured/ ruptured my eardrum. South Florida ENT Allergy was the only office that not only answered the phone but got me in by 2pm. And the lovely lady I spoke to was so compassionate and genuinely concerned for my well being. I was grateful to meet her and to have Dr. Todd A. Kupferman quickly and accurately diagnose my problem. I was immediately prescribed the proper medication and had a follow up on the next Monday. Dr. Kupferman was very pleased with the healing and I then had extensive hearing testing with yet another compassionate and professional doctor to ensure I had not suffered permanent hearing loss. I was very lucky that the quick response and care I received had prevented this damage. I had expressed some throat problems, that were not connected to the ear, which Dr. Kupferman quickly and thoroughly checked detecting a throat infection due to now being sick. He immediately prescribed the proper antibiotics and I will be going in this Monday for a follow up. I highly recommend this outstanding group of people for not just the quality of care they give, but that they care to provide it. Very well done! Thank you all.

by NANCY RIVERA on Todd A. Kupferman MD, FAAOA

Iam so happy , I can brieth again with no need of sprays & zyrtek. I will recomment to anyone to see DR; Kupferman. The girls in the office are great & very profecional.

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